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Let's cook some food

Not only for styling and shooting pictures. I like to eat as well!
20 min
280 kcal
Oven baked salmon filet with Persian spices
30 min
375 kcal
Macarons with coconut and lime
40 min
600 kcal
Make yourself a delicious bowl of beef ramen
60 min
250 kcal
How to make fresh pasta from scratch
20 min
400 kcal
Delicious pancakes with red forest fruit
25 min
380 kcal
Fajita's with spicy beef or lamb

Awesome clients about my work

Jack is a great communicator and knows what a client wants. Easy to work with, great results. Looking forward to the next collaboration.
Elon Musk
CEO Tesla
I've been working with Jack for a long time. His reliability and stable quality are without question second to none.
Bill Gates
Owner Microsoft
Very professional without being boring. I like the initiative and ideas you always seem to bring to the table.
Jeff Bezos
CEO Amazon


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